Showtimes for Sunday, Aug. 1st

We are now open 7 days a week!

As you can imagine, as most things in the community have, there will be some changes to the movie-going experience in order to keep everyone safe in these new times. Let us outline some of the changes which you can expect when coming to North Shore Cinema to attend a movie.

For the time being, we will be operating with two screens, with one show in each auditorium per evening. We may open a third auditorium should there be sufficient demand.

Shows will be spaced out by 20min or more, to ensure customers attending one movie do not come in any contact with those seeing other movies. Please DO NOT arrive sooner then 20 min before the scheduled showtime of the movie which you are to attend.

You will be required to provide your name and phone number when purchasing a ticket, for contact tracing purposes.

Those who purchase a ticket as a single transaction may sit together, and groups will be spaced out according to GNB physical distancing measures. Your ticket will be assigned to a seat (of your choosing, at the time of purchase), and you will be required to sit in that seat. At this time, this means that we will only be able to fill our auditoriums to approximately 30%.

We have opened our online ticketing system, and we encourage you to purchase your tickets online, to ensure you don’t arrive at a sold-out show, and end up disappointed.

You will be required to wear a mask when entering the building, and while watching the movie if you are not consuming food or drink.

We request that you please exit the building through the fire exits, and not through the lobby area.

Barriers have been installed in the lobby area. Customers are asked to respect the distancing markings on the floor.

We hope you’re as excited as we are! It’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!